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Districts 2&11 Print Meeting List - updated quarterly
Click here to download or print the current Districts 2 & 11 Meeting List on 8-1/2x14" paper.
--2024-03-24: This is the current edition (March 2024)
To get copies to hand out at District 2 meetings, contact the District 2 Meeting List Chair (via the District Committee Chair): dcm@burlingtonaa.org
To get copies to hand out at District 11 meetings, contact the District 11 DCM: area70dcm11@aavt.org
The Next Full Area Assembly is June 8, in St. Johnsbury
Saturday, June 8, 2024, 9 am - 4 pm
United Community Church, 1325 Main St, St Johnsbury, VT 05819
Hosted by District 3.
9:00 am – Continental Breakfast
10:00 am – A.A. Service Workshop
11:00 am – Committee Meetings
12:00 pm – Lunch & Fellowship
1:00 pm – Business Meeting (Hybrid: ID 992 9496 6848 / Passcode 470526)

All AA members are welcome! Join us as we work together to carry the message through AA service! Meet new and old friends from around the State.

As part of their duties, GSRs & DCMs attend Full Area Assemblies. District Committee Chairs are requested to attend.
Monday Night Beginners 45th Anniversary Potluck
Monday, June 24, 2024, 5-7:30pm
St. Anthony's Hall, 305 Flynn Ave, Burlington, VT 05401
5-6:30 - Potluck
6:30-7:30 – Speaker/Discussion Meeting

Bring a dish to share. Coffee & soda provided.
Meeting Date/Time/Location/Format Changes
--Starting Saturday, July 6: Living Sober will switch from online to in-person: Saturdays, 8:00am, All Saints Episcopal Church, 1250 Spear St, So Burlington (corner of Swift & Spear)
--Starting Wednesday, May 1: Sober Shenanigans will start meeting at 6:00 pm in Oakledge Park (near the southernmost pavilion)
--Starting Saturday, May 4: Sunset Meeting will start meeting at 6:30 pm in Oakledge Park (near the southernmost pavilion)
--Starting May 5, Sunday Morning Step Meeting will move from the Essex Senior Center to the Brownell Library, 6 Lincoln St, Essex Jct
New Meetings
In-person: Gift of Desperation. Sundays, 3:30-4:30 pm, Turning Point Center, 179 South Winooski Ave, Burlington. Open, format varies-- Step, Speaker, AA Literature, Discussion.
In-person: Listen to it Sober. Mondays, 8-9:30 pm. Holy Family Parish Hall, 28 Lincoln St, Essex Jct, VT. Open, 11th step music and art based meditation meeting with open discussion.
Meetings That Could Use Support
Are you interested in mixing up your meeting schedule a bit, and attending a small meeting where everyone gets a chance to share if they want to, with no time pressure? Here is a list of small meetings whose attendance varies between 2 and 10. The regulars at these meetings would love to see some new faces! Some have considered folding but are holding on because newcomers often attend. Explore the AA community and help carry the message!
  • High Noon (Wed, noon, First Methodist Church, 21 Buell St)
  • Sane and Sober (Wed, 6:30 pm, Vibrant Church, 2025 Williston Rd)
  • Milton At Last (Wed, 7:30 pm, United Church of Milton, 51 Main St)-- hybrid
  • Thursday Noon Big Book Meeting (Thurs, noon, First Methodist Church, 21 Buell St)
  • The Widening Circle (Thurs, 5:30 pm, Decker Towers, 230 St Paul St)
  • Ambush (Fri, noon, First Methodist Church, 21 Buell St)
  • Milton At Last (Fri, 7:30 pm)-- online
  • Friday Night Speakeasy (Fri, 7 pm, Faith United Methodist Church, 899 Dorset St)
Submit YOUR Story to The Eye Opener!
The Eye Opener is a local AA newsletter, published monthly. GSRs from groups in Districts 2 & 11 sign up to submit 3 stories from their group members-- District 2 takes the odd-numbered months, District 11 takes the even-numbered months.
NEW!! You do not have to be a member of a group that has committed to submitting stories for that month. The editors will accept your story and publish it as soon as possible, as long as you are a member of an AA group in District 2 or 11!
See the Local AA Stories page for submission guidelines. We look forward to hearing from you!
Recovery Game Night Continues!
Every Saturday, 7-10 pm
Gratitude Garage, 8 Saxon Hill Rd, Essex Jct, VT
Enjoy a night of fellowship with coffee & snacks while playing games with your friends.
Games provided, but bring one if you have a favorite!
For more info: 802gamenight@clubmember.org
Game Night
Website News
--The District 2 & 11 website (burlingtonaa.org) is now a "secure site". Sometimes web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge) have been posting warnings about the site not being secure. Because the site does not collect personal contact or financial information, the Web Committee didn't feel this designation was necessary, but now browsers are requiring more security. We want to make sure that anyone looking for help from our site can access it readily, so we've added the extra security. If you know of anyone who has not been able to access the site, please let them know that they should be able to access it now! Thank you. And if for any other reason you cannot reach burlingtonaa.org, remember that all meeting listings are duplicated on the Area 70 (State of Vermont) website, aavt.org

--Please note that the zip code for the District 11 PO Box is 05453 (see Addresses for Contributions on Home page)

--See the "What AA Members Have To Say" block on burlingtonaa.org's Home Page for links to free online Daily Reflections and the AA Grapevine's Podcast.

--2023-09-19: Daily Reflections is now available in audio!
Report from the 74th General Service Conference in New York City
Jim T, our Area 70 Delegate who attended the Conference, reports that a great deal of work was squeezed into six and a half days, some days beginning as early as 6:30 AM and ending as late as midnight. He will share his experience at the
June 8th Full Area Assembly in St. Johnsbury, and will be setting up a few online delegate sessions, and visiting districts – so stay tuned.
In particular, Jim reports on the 3 topics that generated much interest in the AA community:

1) Over the past couple of years, a "plain and simple language" translation of parts of the Big Book (PLBB - all parts except the Personal Stories sections) has been in development. This is designed as an aid for people with lower level reading skills. It IS NOT a replacement for the Big Book, but rather an additional tool for recovery. It is not gender-neutral, does not remove the word "God", and the wording of the 12 Steps is left intact. The Delegates reviewed the final draft in April and voted to have it published. Click here for a list of PLBB FAQs. Publication is expected later in 2024.

2) The 5th Edition of the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, is being prepared. As with each of the previous 4 editions, the Basic Text (164 pages), the Doctor's Opinion, and Dr. Bob's Nightmare will remain unchanged. As with Editions 2, 3, and 4, the Personal Stories section of the Big Book will be updated, in order to better reflect changes in the breadth and diversity of the Fellowship. Publication is expected in 2025.

3) The Trustees Literature Committee at the General Service Office solicited and reviewed input from AA members about whether or not we should make any changes in the literature written by the AA founders. This concern arose after they received a lot of negative feedback about changes to the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions book, and the Preamble. It was decided that the process currently in use for making changes to the literature is acceptable. This may get discussed again at next year's GSC.

Click here to read the advisory actions that were decided at the Conference.
Email Jim if you have any questions: area70delegate@aavt.org
News from the AA General Service Office
Box 459 is the newsletter published 4x/year by GSO.
Read the current issue, and sign up here if you'd like an email whenever the latest issue is published. Past issues are available at this site, too. To understand more about how the General Service Board managers AA's finances, read a 3-part series "Inside A.A. Finances", in the summer, fall and winter 2023 issues.

In December, 2023, the latest Membership Survey was published-- as a pamphlet, and online in more detail. This publication lists various statistics about the AA membership, collected in 2022.
Service Opportunities
Service will keep you sober!
There are opportunities that require only as much of your time that you want to give. Many positions are 2-year commitments that turned over in January, but have not been filled, so come to your District Business meeting to participate! Dates & times on Home page.

The District 2 Archives Committee needs someone to gather meeting minutes. Contact webservant@burlingtonaa.org

The Answering Service needs phone numbers of AAs in Districts 2 & 11 who are willing to speak to someone who calls the Hotline. If someone calls the Hotline (802-802-2288) asking to speak to a member of AA, an Answering Service employee will take their number and have an AA member call them back. If you'd like to add your name to the list, contact Scudder, the District 2 Answering Service Chair: answeringservice@burlingtonaa.org

The Public Information/Cooperation with the Professional Community (PI/CPC) Committee needs members who will pick up AA literature from the Chair and deliver it to various locations around District 2 (Burlington). Contact the PI/CPC Committee Chair, if you'd like to help! pi@burlingtonaa.org

--Help put on AA mtgs at the women's facility.
--Write stories of recovery for a monthly newsletter, “A New Freedom,” which gets sent into all correctional facilities in VT and put on tablets for residents to read. Guidelines: 600-800 words, but no story turned down. Also, you don't need to have been in corrections. All stories of recovery are needed to carry the message. If you have a story to share (we all do!) please send to Area Corrections Chair: area70corrections@aavt.org
--Correspond by mail with incarcerated men at the St. Johnsbury facility.
--Bring AA meetings into the St. Johnsbury men's facility. If you know anyone closer to that area, please pass along this need.
--Pass on your old Grapevines to residents in the women's facility in South Burlington.
--For more information about any of the Corrections service opportunities, please contact District 2 Corrections Chair (corrections@burlingtonaa.org), or fill out the Corrections Volunteer Opportunities form-- Download the form, fill it out, save it, then attach it to an email and send it to area70corrections@aavt.org
We have been dealing with alcohol in its worst aspect. But we aren't a glum lot. If newcomers could see no joy or fun in our existence, they wouldn't want it. We absolutely insist on enjoying life.
Chapter 9,
"The Family Afterward"
Our Twelfth Step - carrying the message - is the basic service that the A.A. Fellowship gives; this is our principal aim and the main reason for our existence.  Therefore, A.A. is more than a set of principles; it is a society for alcoholics in action.  We must carry the message, else we ourselves can wither and those who haven't been given the truth may die.
"A.A.'s Legacy of Service"
Practically every AA member declares that no satisfaction has been deeper and no joy greater than a Twelfth Step job well done.
Step 12